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Do you want to know more about the products of EasySecure International? Please take a look at our general brochure that gives you an idea of all the different solutions we have to offer! More information about the different solutions can be found on the following pages: 


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BPortal Brochure

BPortal is a standard module from IdentySoft.

  • BPortal makes it possible to book hours on projects, sub-projects or customers and projects, as well as on an activity.
  • The entries are made online, meaning that all overviews are up to date at any time of the day.
  • Adding additional hours after a project or month is closed is no longer possible.
  • The booked hours can easily be sent to your ERP package via a webservice. The data from the employees obviously come from your HR package.
  • The employee registers at the terminal, using a pin code, fingerprint and/or facial recognition. Thanks to this technology, the employee can only book on current projects, on which he or    she is allowed to book and only on the activities he/she is allowed to carry out.

In other words: never again wrong entries on closed projects or entries on incorrect projects or incorrect activities.

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Retail Brochure

For retail organizations with multiple branches, there is much to be gained through the use of cloud software in combination with optimizing your processes. In this brochure you can find more information about our solutions in retail.


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