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Our solution - Access Control

Access control is an increasingly important part of directors and management tasks in many organisations. This is partly because of the increasing number of part time staff and buildings accommodating several kinds of organisations. Consider, for example, catering, external IT staff, security etc. The 24 hours economy has also changed the situation. People have to be able to access the building earlier and don't want to be bound to fixed times anymore with the result that staff also often leave later. In recent years, more than 10,000 organisations have opted for time tracking based on biometrics.

Experience teaches that as access control systems become stricter and more complex, people are more quickly inclined to seek creative solutions such as leaving the door ajar.

Biometrics is known for its simplicity and ease of use. Passes don’t change hands and can’t be forgotten, codes aren't forgotten and the main advantage: the biometric features are always with you. It couldn’t be easier.

Modern access control is often a combination of integrated access, camera time tracking, lockers and/or alarms. The basic solution of EasySecure International is highly (price) competitive and lays the foundation for integration with the entire IT infrastructure for cameras, lockers, time tracking and alarms at a later date.

The software options make the solution of EasySecure International highly suitable for organisations with multiple locations. For example, chains with several branches scattered throughout the country. Head offices that want to see the information of all the branches. Temporary employment agencies who want to see the hours and attendance at each location, but also organisations working on different projects that want to have an overview. All available information is in real time. Naturally, you can also print a general overview for each location, department etc.

We’re happy to inform you about the options!

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